Lil Red Owners - Certified Parts

NALRETO - Certified?

What does this mean to you ?

Well what it means is if you have these parts installed instead of NOS or original parts no one can count points off of your truck at cars shows for not "being original"

These parts have been inspected by the Lil Red Express owners association and have been deemed as good or in some cases BETTER than original/NOS parts.

Steering Reinforcement Bracket NALRETO#101
Center Caps - NALRETO#102
Exterior Wood/Lil Red Trim Boards - NALRETO #103
Bed Wood Red Oak - NALRETO #104
Adventurer Side Emblems- NALRETO#110
"150" Insert for Adventurer Emblems - NALRETO#111
Exhaust - Complete System 78 - NALRETO #216
Exhaust - Complete System 79 - NALRETO #217
Exhaust - Tips - NALRETO#105
Exhaust - Heat Shields - NALRETO#106
Exhaust - H-Pipe- NALRETO#107
Exhaust - Stand Pipes - NALRETO#119
Exhaust - Intermediate Pipe no cats - NALRETO #212
Exhaust - Intermediate Pipe w/cats - NALRETO #213
Exhaust - Mufflers - NALRETO #215
Exhaust - S Pipe Set - NALRETO #214
Exhaust - S-pipe hanger - NALRETO#115
Exhaust - Bracket Bed Side Inner - NALRETO#112
Exhaust - Bracket Bed Side Outer - NALRETO#113
Exhaust - Bed Side Insulator/Rubber - NALRETO#114
1979 Headlight Surround/Trim - NALRETO#1116
Front Bed Panels - NALRETO#117
Tailgate - NALRETO#118
Tailgate Center Hinger - NALRETO#120
Tailgate Outer Hinger - NALRETO#121
Step Mounting Hardware - NALRETO#122
Taillight Mounting Bracket - NALRETO#123
Steel Bed Skid Strips Plain Steel - NALRETO#124
Li'l Red Express Exterior Decal Set NALRETO#136
Detailing Decals - NALRETO# (150 through 166)
Exterior Screw Kit - NALRETO#138
Interior Screw Kit - NALRETO#139
Air Breather Inlet Tube Adapter - NALRETO#140
Interior Window Crank Handle - NALRETO#167

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