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78 Lil' Red Truck

Dodge released the Lil' Red Express Truck In 1978 it was one of the most unique Dodge trucks that had ever been produced. The Lil' Red Express was not only a real looker but these trucks were also real performers also. In 1978 The Dodge Lil' Red Express was the fastest American made vehicle from 0 to 100 MPH as tested by Car and Driver magazine.

Because of a loophole in the emissions regulations the 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck's did not have catalytic converters, what the Lil' Red Express did have was a special High Performance 360 C.I.  4-barrel small block engine code (EH1) which was a modified version of the 360 police engine (E58) producing 225 net horsepower @ 3800 RPM. The package also included Hemi style mufflers with a crossover pipe breathing through 2 chrome stacks located behind the cab, a special 727 transmission and 3.55:1 rear gearing.

The 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck rode on GR60x15 raised white letter tires on 7-inch Chrome wheels up front and LR60x15 on 8-inch chrome wheels on the rear and there was no spare included. All 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck's were automatics the interiors were available with a standard bench seat in red or black or with optional buckets and a fold down arm/rest console which was available both years. 1978 and some early 1979 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck's used the "tuff" steering wheel.

The Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck was a hit with the public; 2,188 were produced in 1978.


 79 Lil' Red Truck

With the success of the 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck production of the 1979 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck's was increased to 5,118. Most of the features remained unchanged for 1979 however there was some changes which included a catalytic converter, unleaded gas, 85 MPH speedometer.

The most noticeable changes on the 1979 editions was the new flat hood and dual square headlights replacing the round versions on 1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck's and the 1979's rode on LR60x15 raised white letter tires on 8-inch chrome wheels on all 4 corners.

Li'l Red Truck Pkg. (YH6)


Sales Code

1978 Code Description

Sales Code

1979 Code Description

Bright front bumper MD2 Chrome bumper MD2 Chrome bumper
Bright rear bumper MD3 Chrome bumper MD3 Chrome bumper
Exterior paint color PY3442 Bright Canyon Red PY3450 Medium Canyon Red
G.V.W. YW4 6100 pounds YW4 6050 pounds
360 cubic inch 4BBL V8 EH1 High Performance EH1 High Performance
Automatic transmission (required) FA3 A-727
FA0 A-727
Oil Gauage LB2 Electric Analog LB2 Electric Analog
Rear Axle AV2 3.55:1 AV2 3.55:1
Steering wheel LF4 Tuff Wheel LF6 Four Spoke
Chrome five-slot disc road wheels
Front 15"x7"
Rear 15"x8"
RA6 (5) 15"x8"
Raised white outline letter radial tires
Front GR60x15
Rear LR60x15
WMH (5) LR60x15

Also included as standard equipment on the Li'l Red Truck.

Dual exhaust with vertical stack-pipes, chrome exhaust tips and stainless heat shields. Chrome plated valve covers, Chrome-plated air-cleaner cover, Chrome-plated side bed steps, Utiline body side and tailgate oak body trim panels with chrome-headed prop nuts, Gold 3M pinstriping tape decals on tailgate and doors.


Prototype versus - production EH-1 Specification

EH-1, Engine Component

A / Block "Prototype Specification"

A / Block "Production Specification"

Carburation Holley 4160 series 4bbl 850-CFM ThermoQuad 4bbl
Intake Manifold Holley Aluminum Hi-Rise Factory Spread boar Hi-Rise
Cylinder Heads W-2 Hi-Performance E-58 Production
Air Induction Dual snorkel fresh air sys. Dual snorkel fresh air sys.
Camshaft Duration 252 degrees w/
Overlap 33 degrees
Duration 252 degrees w/
Overlap 33 degrees
Oil Pan 5qt. w/windage tray 5qt. Standard
Exhaust Dual 2 1/2" Dual 2 1/2"
Mufflers 2 A134-440 Wedge 2 A134-440 Wedge
Compression Ratio 8.2:1 8.2:1
Horsepower 230 net @ 3800 RPM 225 net @ 3800 RPM
Torque 295 lb/ft @ 3200 RPM 295 lb/ft @ 3200 RPM
1/4 Mile Performance 14.70 seconds @ 93 MPH 15.71 seconds @ 88 MPH
Gas Mileage 13.0 MPG 13.1 MPG

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