1. What does NOS stand for? NOS is an abbreviation for New Old Stock. What this means is that our part  is a new genuine Mopar part that may or may not ever be available again. This does NOT guarantee that the part is a perfect show piece. These parts were made for a "production car". Fit and function will be like a new part because they are. Some shelf wear can exist, these parts are 30 plus years old.
  2. What does NORS stand for? NORS is an abbreviation for New Old Replacement Stock. What this means is that the part is a new "replacement part" from Mopar. These parts are produced to be a "replacement" part and may not have the exact same part #, fit, finish, or detailing as the original (NOS) part. These parts occur over the years as Mopar trys to make one part fit many vehicles.

  3. What does reproduction or "Repro" stand for  these are parts that vendors of ours and ourselves have made the investement to reproduce do to the fact Mopar no longer make the parts and the supplies of NOS parts has been depleted. On all of these parts every effort has been made to reproduce the original look, feel, and function of these parts. In some cases they are actually a higher quality than the original Mopar part. Some of these parts are approved by the Lil Red Express owners club as "Certified" replacements for the original parts (see below)

We are a part time business and as such we typically ship once per week and answer voicemail/email as soon as we can.

Our website has a few shipping restrictions
1-ALL International shipments please enter your address at check out and select "international shipping" which is a flat rate of 60.00 - we will then contact you and either credit the savings or request a payment for the amount over that for the actual shipping amount.
ALSO - we have ZERO control over the amount of customs fees your country demands once the product arrives - the cost we charge is for SHIPPING ONLY not for customs/importation fees - these all must be paid on your end.
2-Please DO NOT select "International Shipping" if your order is NOT International.
3-We will NOT ship any order until the appropriate shipping charges are paid.
4-Some items may be marked In Stock, but are made to order or carried in a limited supply & may have a lead time even if In Stock is noted.