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Power Steering Brace

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Another truly hard to find part that we have had reproduced. Price is per each.

This is part number 4447405, These brackets were used in limited amounts during the 80's to reinforce the frame where the PS box attaches. They are nearly impossible to find now - so here they are brand new painted and ready to go - no scrounging around the Junk Yard!!

Please note this part was designed for 2wd trucks but does work on 4wd trucks and Ramchargers - the instructions below are for a 2wd and we do not have details of the 4wd installation but one of our customers sent us this info -

"I bought your steering box brace for my daughters 93 w350, not knowing it was for 2wd applications....I had it, so I figured I'd try modifying it... I got longer bolts obviously, bolting through the factory box plate, the rail, and your bracket... an amazing difference in bump steer! It's not the way you designed it to be used, but it works! "



The following are instructions on installing the brace on your truck


Not applicable to 4x4 installation
The steering box brace can be installed on the truck without removal of the steering box. The following instructions will describe how it can be installed, and the additional hardware that will be necessary to purchase.
1. Remove the upper left and the lower right existing bolts on the steering box, then screw them in through the steering box from the opposite side, so that they protrude through the frame holes.
2. Remove the other two (2) existing bolts and let the steering box rest on the two original bolts.
3. Place bracket in position over the two (2) bolts extending through the frame and install two (2) new Grade "8" - 7/16"-14 X 1 3/4" bolts, flat washers and lock washers in the two open holes in the frame.
4. Remove the two (2) original bolts holding the steering box from the outside and install the other (2) new Grade "8" - 7/16"-14 X 1 3/4" bolts, flat washers and lock washers through the brace from inside the frame.
5. Torque all 4 bolts to 60-70 lb.
6. From the outside of the frame, measure from the top front steering box bolt forward 4" and mark an arc.
7. From the outside of the frame, measure from the lower front steering box bolt forward 6" and mark another arc. This point should be in the center of a small existing "dimple" already in the frame.
8. Drill a 1/2" hole in the frame at the point at which the two arcs cross. This should line your hole up with the existing hole in the front of the steering box brace.
9. Install one of the original steering box bolts in this location. Use a new Grade "8" flat washer, lock washer and nut. Torque bolt to 60-70 lb.
10. From the bottom of the steering box brace arm, drill a 1/2" hole up through the frame crossmember.
CAUTION!!! Place a piece of 1" X 4" wood between the crossmember and lower radiator tank. This will provide a stop for the drill to keep it from puncturing the lower radiator tank as it passes through the crossmember.
11. Install one of the original steering box bolts through this hole. Use a new Grade "8" flat washer, lock washer and nut on this bolt. Torque bolt to 60-70 lb.
12. Re-check torque on all 6 bolts and nuts, and check again in 100 miles.
4 - 7/16"- 14 x 1 3/4" Grade "8" bolts
6 - 7/16" Grade "8" Lock Washers
6 - 7/16" Grade "8" Flat Washers
2 - 7/16" Grade "8" Nuts


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