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Exterior - Screw Kit - Reproduction

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This is a real time saver restoration item - all of the typical exterior screws for all trims parts - 59 screws total.

1.       Cowl Panel Screws                            (8)

2.       Grill Screws, Upper                             (7)

3.       Cargo Light Screws                            (2)

4.       Parking Light Lens Screws               (4)

5.       Grill Screws, Lower                             (6)

6.       Headlight Molding Screws                 (8)

7.       Mirror Screws                                       (8)

8.       Side Marker Light Screws                  (8)

9.       Tail Light Lens Screws                      (8)



* some kits may contain extra/additional screws for different trim levels



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