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Oct 17, 2018
6:43 PM
I am parting out my 1979 Lil Red Express Truck.
Complete set of 4 exhaust stack shields, 2 exhaust tips and 4 exhaust stack mounting brackets.
4-lamp grille with both headlamp surrounds.
Complete air filter housing including large intake hoses.
Complete original 360 engine incl. carb & manifolds & trans.
Plus some other parts.
I am located in Canada.
e-mail me for more details & pictures
1 post
Dec 11, 2018
9:42 AM
how much for exhaust stack shields and mounting brackets?
Wes Slone
2 posts
Dec 13, 2018
6:02 PM
looking for gas tank rear bumper interested in hearing what parts you are letting go of thank you
Billy Red
2 posts
Dec 22, 2018
7:25 AM
Do you have a good wiring harness?
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Jun 05, 2019
12:08 PM
Do you have rims?
1 post
Jul 03, 2019
11:49 AM
Looking for a '79 LRE gas tank.
2 posts
Sep 10, 2019
5:46 PM
looking for oem antenna I'm in Canada too, where are you?
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Oct 06, 2019
10:21 AM
By chance is it an A/C equipped truck? I am looking for the condenser with the little line to connect the receiver dryer.
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Oct 10, 2019
2:18 PM
I would like to know how muck for the Complete air filter housing including large intake hoses. Please send me some photos.
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Apr 02, 2020
10:06 PM
I’m looking for the radiator support and the drivers side inner fender. I had a battery explode and eat mine.
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May 24, 2020
12:29 PM
Hi. I am looking for a power brake booster for my 79. I am located in the uk
3 posts
May 24, 2020
12:29 PM
Hi. I am looking for a power brake booster for my 79. I am located in the uk
5 posts
Jul 29, 2020
8:10 PM
I’m needing some rear bumper brackets
1 post
Sep 05, 2020
10:46 AM
Hey, would you happen to have the fuel filler asembly?
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Oct 11, 2020
6:59 PM
Need wood-grained aluminum trim panel for inside driver door.
Dave S
1 post
Dec 27, 2020
5:10 AM
I am looking for a new front grill for a 1979 Lil Red?

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